Friday, September 15, 2006

My Space: Enemy Mine

I do not know who knows the platform MySpace. Actually it's a community for bands to introduce themselves and their songs. But every normal person can create a profile there too. You can add people to your list of friends. You are asked to be added and you decide whether to accept or deny it.

Usually you know the people and add them. But sometimes there are requests where you ask yourself: "Hum? Who for Christ sake is this? What does he want from me?" And most of the time you deny the friendship.

Recently I got a query of a band called Your Favourite Enemies from Montreal, Canada. It seemed to be a christian band (at least there was a concert photo in a church). I added them to my list of friends and dug deeper.

And I found out some quite interesting things (besides the music is pretty cool). It's really a band where all are christians but they are not playing in the christian music scene.

The singer Alex Foster has been a neo-nazy leader in North America (he was quite interested about neo-nazis and Skinheads in Germany). The Lord saved him 10 years ago from that crazy lie he's been living and promoting for years. They're now spoke persons for Amnesty International, are the Rock N Rights (an non-profit organisation promoting human rights trough music) founders and are working against racism in North America as speakers.

Alex wants to reach young people through rock music. The Lord told him a few years ago to start a Bible study group oriented for drop outs and artists in his house just a few months after he received the Lord himself. They started with 4 persons (including him), a few weeks later they were 40, all new converts, never heard the gospel before, coming from different back grounds... all rockin.

First they were not accepted from others (even the christians thought they were bad company) cause it's very unusual there. After a few years of taking care of people and impacting their generation people seem to have realized that they are not too bad after all.

I told him about Jesus Freaks, Freakstock and Rock on the Rock.

He could totally relate to the Jesus Freak Movement... saying he was some sort of a Jesus Freak himself :)

Really crazy, isn't it?
Some things are quite familiar...