Monday, July 30, 2007

A jewish parable

I just read a quite nice story on this blog. I just have to post it. Pretty cool.
There was a man called Eisik, the son of Jekel, who was trusting in God despite the poverty and hardship that reigned in those days. In a dream someone visited him and ordered him to go to the bridge in Prague near the palace to look for a treasure. After the same dream returned for the third time, Eisik decided to make the long journey. When he arrived after many days, he found the bridge, but it was guarded day and night by the palace guards. It was impossible to dig for the treasure. But still, everyday he came to the bridge and watched. One day the officer called him and asked what he was doing all the time. Eisik told him everything about his dreams. The officer laughed loud and said: "You poor fool travelled so many miles just to obey a dream! Don't you know that you cannot trust dreams, that they are nonsense? I once had a dream as well and was told to travel to Krakau and look for a treasure under the oven in the house of someone called Eisik, son of Jekel. I can imagine myself searching every home because one out of two has the name Eisik or Jekel." Eisik bowed and went back home. Under the oven in his own house he found a big treasure, and he used it to build a synagogue in his neighbourhood.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rock on the Rock: Just the beginning

Sunday I came back from my third Rock on the Rock at Lake Garda in Italy. The christian festival took place for the fifth time, this time at a new location: Castelnuovo de Garda, near Verona in the very south of the lake. This time the festival began Thursday evening and ended sunday morning with a worship service. We were 4 guys from Munich, 3 from my church Jesus Freaks München and an old friend of mine of the local Vineyard (I enjoyed being together with him for a longer time than usual)

There were a lot of trouble and problems advancing the festival. Even shortly just before the festival it looked like it could not happen. Suddenly there were obligations and drawbacks of things that were already warranted before. So I was in intense prayer beforehand.

We arrived there in the late evening on Thursday. I first at to be accustomed to the new location and situation (you had to stand in the toilet (Was heißt Stehklo auf Englisch???) and could not lock the door). We were quickly up to date in terms of obligations and permissions.

We then went to the lake bathing and praying there. It was so hot all the time (about 38° C) the water was a most welcome refreshment. Finally we prayed together before a beautiful sunset in background.

When we came back David told me what happened on the festival ground: 2 hours before they laid down every work that was going on. They gathered all the staff to pray and worship. Just as they finished it the mayor came along to give permission for the festival at least for this evening. The rest of the time still was unsure. What a victory and breakthrough! Denny, the main organizer, was standing beside me during a concert in the evening being all smiles. He asked me if I had heard what happened. That was so great for me seeing the joy, peace and relief it had brought. What a contrast to all the adverities and difficulties. Without that the glory of the victory and breakthrough would not have been so intense.

In the next morning we met as the prayer team. We 4 guys from Munich and Joseph and Christie from Alaska. They are doing a worldtrip being led by the spirit where to go next. Though they already worked overtime in the kitchen it was important for them to pray together with us. They were such a blessing for us, it was so wonderful to pray with them. We began with thanksgiving and worship as it is important for me at the beginning of prayer meetings. Suddenly I felt such a surge, a burden that Jesus longed to be worshipped by us. It was like a vacuum that literally sucked in our worship. We kept worshipping for an intense time... And all the prayer requests had not been delt with, we haven't even started the fight. After a while I felt that we were through. But I was empty too. Our worship really felt like a battle.

While we were praying the city council met again to negotiate about the festival. There were people who were against it and some who supported. So it was not sure what would come out of it. During the afternoon we went again bathing at the lake this time at another place. When we came back we wanted to pray at the camp ground. As David was just right there I asked him for new issues to pray about. Just by the way he mentionend that permission had been given now for the whole festival. But now the daughter of a member of band that would play this evening had been brought into hospital. After that we had a good and long prayer meeting where we moved over just checking off all the issues. Afterwards Christian and Kai went to the city to give away some flyers. As a result a teenie girl came together with her whole clique. They liked it! One of them evven plays in a punk band. During the concert the father witnessed the healing of his daughter!

On Saturday I had the intense burden that we should call in the lost intoi the Kingdom of God that they no longer would be dazzled by prejudice that they would literally run to Jesus. And then we did this. This time an italian married couple joined us. It went over into worship that called the people to God... When we were ready with this we surrounded the are for seven times proclaiming the protection and victory of Jesus over the festival.

I had the impression to pray for several people. Most of them I could pray for. I just began to pray. I was amazed what was coming. As far as I could see it the people really were touched. Wonderful! Last year I already played for Egi, singer of Boarders. Over the year we stayed in contact and mailed from time to time. So I wanted to pray again for him. But first he asked me how I was. He then had a wonderful impression for me and the he prayed for me. Really prophetic too. As he had to move on I wasn’t able to pray for him. That was okay for me :)

Pastor Bob
This year Pastor Bob Beeman was there, founder of the Sanctuary churches in the states. He gave a short input after every lunch time and preached at the service Sunday morning. This man is really the guy. Just what he says is pretty cool but the way he says it is overwhelming. He has such an ease and peace such a love. Even difficult things he says with a smile on his lips.

He really amazed me in former times as there was a boom of White Metal in the 80ies. I never dreamed of seeing him someday. We talked a few times. He asked me to write him a short article for his international column in Heaven’s Metal.

The question is really urgent how the festival will continue after Denny and Maureen moving to Protugal this fall. Bob Beeman had the vision that this would only the beginning. He sees the great chance that the young people of stand up and take their stand to rock the land with Christian rock music and thereby would lead many to the Lord. Another confirmation of my impression that God is about to do worldwide something new, something great and wonderful

This year there were a lot of bands I like a lot. I don’t know which to mention. Triplet and Reform the Resistance were pretty cool and will play at Freakstock too. Boarders, Metatrone and the German band SnakeBreak9 played wonderful melodic metal. Rivelino from Amsterdam, a band consisting almost of coloured people, played twice. They were great and very groovy. Was great to enjoy some bands. Most of the time on freakstock I did not get around seeing bands because I rather like meeting people there. And even in the back parts of the ground you get the concerts quite well.

I really enjoyed talking to Ingo my old friend and praying for each other. That was quite powerful.

We four were a quite cool company. It was fun to be on the way together. Altogether a great festival that had been victorious and glorious just because of all the tension and opposition beforehand. I am very excited about what’s going to happen in Italy. Really cool people there, really familial. We will see…

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Preview Samples: Legend III:II - Saviour Machine

The wait is almost over. Unfortunately the final album Legend III:II of Saviour Machine did not come out at the historic date 07/07/07 as exspected. Singer and mastermind Eric Clayton is suffering of an illness. So he has to take care of himself and can not work as hard on the album as he would like. The releasedate is postponed to an unknown time.

But beginning with 07/07/07 we were shown samples of the whole album. Every week there were new ones. Last Saturday you could listen to the last samples. And even the small insight sounds amazing. What a gorgeous and glorious album to come!
I cannot wait!

... for a thousand years we shall reign with Him from the throne of peace...

Listen here: click!

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Prophesy: Eyes and Wings

There is a prophesy that comes to mind again and again in these days. It's somehow very old. But it always touched and challenged me. It is from at least 1999 or earlier. And it is more accurate than ever today. I think that it is important for these very days. So I will type it to you here. You can find it on a CD of the Praying the Bible- series.

Eyes and Wings (Stacey Campbell)
What Ezekiel kept seeing was eyes everywhere, there was all these wheels and they all had eyes all the way around them. Eyes everywhere. And the verse in Isaih with all the wings, he had wings on the front and back. Andy eyes and wings just keep coming to mind. Eyes and wings, eyes and wings... eyes and wings!

Eyes and wings, they are part of the nature of God.

I feel what the Lord is saying that the Lord wants us to plant here, I have the sense that the Lord is showing me that everybody is looking for a model. But there is no model, there is no models. And feel the whole church knows what is up. Even the outreach laid person knows that these are very toublesome times. And they don't know where to go and they don't know how to get there.

And I feel there is this knowledge without the ability to get anywhere like this understanding. And I feel like the Lord is calling us to - with the eyes and wings part - is
1) to see what the lord is doing and
2) to get wings to get there

And I feel like the Lord is calling us to begin to model not only for the nations but for this local city.

Eyes and wings... what to do and how to get there, what to do and how to get there, what to do and how to get there?

And now we have to get the people eyes. And I feel we don't really know the fullness of this thing but the eyes and the wings are very very important. It's like the whole thing of Isaiah and the Lord looks for that. And like in the times of David there are times in periods in the church with a lot of unrest but someone got to do it differently but someone got to break totally out of the mold someone got to create a container for the time.

Someone got to create a container for the time. And they can't go to the past to look for it. Some of it have never been done before and especially the final hour. Haven't I said throughout my word, throughout my word there is coming a generation there is coming a final hour of the church that will be different than any other that will be different.

(perhaps some of the words I haven't heard right, but you get the idea...)