Monday, June 30, 2008

Awesome: Eating in Ethopian Restaurants

I like to go eatin in Ethopian Restaurants. Luckily I had the chance to go there during the last weeks. It tastes pretty good and very special. Good to be there and talk to friends!


Those were the days

Some pictures from me. Some newer and some older ones!

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Freshfire: Revival in Lakeland/ Florida

I don't know if you heard about it. But there is revival breaking out in Lakeland/ Florida. At the beginning of April there was a healing conference of about a few days. But suddenly they realised that is bigger than just a conference so they continued. There were happening a lot of miracles, healings, appearances of angels, raising of the dead. They are now in a big tent with about 10,000 people every night. People from all over the world are coming to receive an impartation.

The leading figure is Todd Bentley, a young man full of tatoos and piercing. I like him a lot. It is very inspiring to watch and hear him.

There is a live stream every night via God.TV. As the programs are beginning at 1.30 a.m. of our time I am not able to watch so often. But during my free days I try to be watching live as often as possible. It is great to see what God is doing there.

The worship is so intense every time. One reason why I like it so much that I am so one in the spirit what happens there. There are prophetic things that I received over the years and other thing I heard and read that seem to fulfill now or to begin to fulfill. So awesome!

It is a great inspiration to hear what they say about revial, about pressing in and breaking through.

Here you can watch live:

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Open Heaven - interconfessional Service

Last sunday there was Open Heaven again in the open air theatre called Theatron in the Olympic center. It was a real gift to have sunshine weather because there was a lot of rain in the last time. But the heat was almost unbearable.

The audience was filled good with people full of excitement. I liked it that the program was so manifold, that some foreignspeaking churches had some parts. A real enrichment. That was so cool because during the last years it was difficult to integrate the foreign churches. Something special has grown in unity amongst the christians in this city during the last years.

The event was integrated in the celebrations of the 850 anniversary of the city of Munich. During this celebrations the spiritual part is coming short. Therefor Gabi Steffe talked about the spiritual history of our town in a competent way.

It was great to be part of it!

After that I went away with a friend had some lunch in an asiatic restaurant. After that we went to my home and had a good talk. That was pretty cool. A great weekend.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

2nd prayer tram in Munich - God was present

Last Saturday the 2nd prayer tram happened in Munich. During the prayer week of the Evangelical Alliance in January the 1st prayer tram was a full success. Many voices asked for a 2nd volume. Now it did happen as prelude to the interconfessional service called OPEN HEAVEN.

I had to work during the day but had to lead one part. And I wanted to be part of it anyway. In the morning I went earlier to work to be able to start sooner. But I forgot my knapsack in the bus. Luckily someone had the glorious idea to ask in the next bus if it was found. Luckily that happened, but I had to wait almost till 9 a.m. when the bus came back. My original idea was to start little after 8 a.m.... Though I was able to start so late I have been quite quick with the mail. But I only reached the tram just in time at the central station - broken down from the work.

As I got on board it was already very excited. A frenchspreaking latino church was leading energetic worship! So much fun. But it was heating hot inside.

The streetcar was filled pretty good and having a good atmosphere. Full of joy and excitement about Jesus. The prayer impulses were good and it was fun to pray. I really sensed the presence of god. We prayed for the economy, politics and social things in Munich and the integration of foreigners. At the end (my part) we prayed for marriages, families and relationships. But in the end it seemed the power was gone.

It was pretty good to be part of it. Hopefully it will be repeated soon and far often (I like the idea also to have the tram to invite people to get prayed for)

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Powerful Video about the revival in Florida

Exciting video with Brian Welch, former guitar player of KORN, Todd Bentley and Patricia King.

The video deeply touched me. Was so exciting to see how they are enthusiastic about Jesus, about what Jesus is doing. The special about the revival in Lakeland would not be the healings, the appearances of angels but the manifest presence of God!

It touched me to see that it would cost a price to have revival. Brian and Todd had difficult times. I am in good company, gives me hope!

Hat mich berührt zu sehen, dass es einen Preis kostet, diese Erweckung zu haben. Sowohl Brian als auch Todd sind durch schwere Zeiten gegangen. Bin in guter Gesellschaft :) Macht mir Hoffnung!

It is exciting to see how Brian really burns for Jesus, that he already payed a price (and was willing to pay it). His bible is always with him, is always talking about Jesus! Cool, cool, cool!

And it is very prophetic. But that's not the cool thing about it.
God is on the move... Aslan is on the move...

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JFM: A powerful service

On Sunday we again had a pretty cool service. We now meet in a bar called Café Kosmos. There was much of the power of God present. Not only that you could feel the presence of God but there really was power in it. I do not often sense it in my body, I was full of energy. Would have liked to pray for more people. Somewhere the energy has to go^^.

Wolfi from the nearby city of Landshut led us into the worship. He brought some people with him. Nice to have you here. He really rocked the house. Feel free to come more often :)

My dear friend Ernsti, our Belgium missionary, preached. He has been long in Munich and we led together the Jesus Freaks München for a time. His sermon was full of energy and power. He emphasized that the gospel does not come in nice words and good arguments but in power. And so it was: very powerful. Cool - mooooore!

Actually such a service should not be something extraordinary or special. It should be normal. Should be lowlevel, normal. Special would be something more or something above.

Afterwards I went to a parting party of friends. They will move to England on the end of June. Met some nice people there. Had to tell them of my final trip. In the end we worshipped together and blessed the married couple. Had some nice impressions for them. Anointed them with a breakthrough anointing.
They said to me that it totally fitted into that what God is talking to them again and again.
When I just was about to go I had a deep talk with the couple on the doorstep. It is really exciting when you meet people with one spirit and one heart. Nice to see how God connects people. Yeah!

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Cityprayer on the Olympic Mountain

I am part of a leadership team for a monthly prayer for our city Munich. In the warm season we meet on the first Saturday of every month under the cross on the Olympic Mountain (In 1972 the Olympic Games were in Munich). I call it our Prayer Mountain :)

Last Saturday we again met there. It was my part to lead this meeting. Very thrilling as I had to deliver the mail before. It usually took me to 17.30 (the meeting began at 18.00 and a far distance to travel). I was able to finish my work much earlier than usual but was quite a few minutes late.

In the beginning it was very rainy. But the meeting was pretty cool. We are now focussing on one theme these last months: Marriage, family, relationships, education... This time my focus on it was models. It depends how we live our lifes, how our families, marriages, friendships and relationships are from what models we have and what is shaping us. When we look around very often we find negative examples, the peverse, the broken seems to be the norm. There's really a need for models...

In the end we gathered some momentum. As we prayed for the Media you rarely had a chance to get the word because everyone was praying with excitement. Pretty cool!

In the end the sun came out. And suddenly a lot of rabbits were on the meadows...

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Finally again in the Ethopian Restaurant

People who know me know that I love to go to foreign restaurants especially to the Ethopian. I do not often have the chance to do it. The greater is my luck and joy when I can do it! Last Weekend my old friend Ernst Frank who now has a ministry in Belgium (the first Christian daycare center for children in Belgium) visited Munich.

On Friday evening we had a great evening together at this restaurant: Blue Nile. Was good to talk a little longer than usually and to update about what'S going in each others lifes. Talked a lot about Lakeland/ Florida and freshfire (there is a great extraordinary revival going on). I did not know all that happens there. I can tell you a lot!!! :) The level what is happening there is very high. I want to have it!

I've got a new camera someone gave to me as a present for my last trip to the nations. Good to document my trips. But it is also good to show what happens in my daily life :) Here you go!

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pictures from the Far East

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