Saturday, September 27, 2008

Healing conference in Heidelberg

Last weekend I was visiting a healing conference in Heidelberg. The whole week before I was laying sick in my bed was a bad cold wondering if I was able to go there. You believe in healing but lay helpless in bed. Very strange that those things seems to happen always before important events (like this conference).

My friends of Cologne invited me to this conference. I never heard of this church called Die Taube (Eng.: The Dove) before. I wondered first why I went there at all. There was nothing really new. But looking back I was totally happy having been there. It was pretty cool there! There was little chance to get practise in healing. But there was a lot of input and much to experience...

I really liked that you had the chance to spend the night there for free and that you could get cheap food there - and it was always very delicious. Respect!

Friday evening Andreas Hermann/ Wiesbaden was preaching. The main part of his session was very practical. He told the people to stand up who had pain. He called them forward one by one. It was cool to see how easy healing could be. He let the people stand somewhere and then he was standing behind them. Then he "drew" with the moving of his hands the pain out of their bodies or he pointed his hand in their direction to let the anointing flow. It was amazing to see the people doing some backward steps though they were not able to see what Andreas was doing! It was like he was drawing them with an unvisible rope. They sick were always looking in another direction! A. Herrmann said that the anointing would draw the healing from heaven respectively out of the sick that the anointing would draw the people. Therefor they would topple down or make those backward steps. Some of them he called by a "Word of Knowledge". It was amazing how quick most of the people were healed or that a visible advancement was to see.

Saturday was the part of Bengt Wedemalm, a Swede who now lives in England. His ministry was full of authority and confidence that God would heal. I really liked this guy!

In the afternoon Pierrot Fey, the leader of the church there, set a different focus. He asked the question how much we would be ready to invest into intercession and perhaps not being the big stars on stage. How much would we be willing to prepare revival by prayer. he told a story that deeply touched me:

During the 50s/60s there was a successful healing preacher in the US who filled the stadiums. The multitudes were coming to his events.
And then there was an little old lady which God send in different towns to pray. She rented always rented a room in the cheapest guesthouses. Then she spread newspaper on the floor just to prevent the carpet from damage. Then she went on her knees and moved into intercession in tears for this city! No one took any notice of her. Shortly before this big man came into town she was there praying. Finally the woman died quiet and unrecognised. But with her death the ministry of the healing evangelist stopped!

This story totally encouraged me. There are so many things I am still waiting for. We are praying for years now with a small group for our city of Munich. I would like to be at a totally another place with this prayer meeting. But this story showed me how precious our prayer is!

The evening service was broadcasted live into the internet. Bengt preached full of passion about the Holy Spirit, about his first experiences with him. Very inspiring! You can download the video here. Afterwards he was mostly praying for people with depressions, for people who are not able to get children and for people with cancer. Then he asked all the couples whose marriage would stand close before a divorce to give sign. Everybody had their eyes closed. After that he asked them to come to the front because it would be no shame. I first thought that only a few would show up. But it were at least 20.

During prayer time it went crazy. The people fell to the ground under the power of God some shaking wildly. Sometimes Bengt got really loud...
The prayer for married couples really stirred my spirit. Somehow I am always praying for married couples (and that as a single) and for couples how are in danger to be departed. That really moved me heavily!

Afterwards I visited together with the friends from Cologne a friend of them in Mannheim. He himself is very prophetic too. He went in every catholic and lutheran Church in Mannheim (where they let him in) to bring worship and praise into it and to prophecy. We had a nice and cozy evening. At the end it was important for me to pray for this married couple. So we prayed for them - and how could it be different - prophesied over them. THe impressions we had seemde to really fit and seemed to confirm many things.

On Sunday morning the worship was so wonderful, such an anointing. And right when it was the nicest Pierrot came and challenged us not be anointing rester ("Salbungssitzer") and not to make it comfortable in the anointing. But Jesus would look for people who would do crazy things for him. If church would be boring then something is wrong. He made a call for people who wanted to be crazy for Jesus...

Bengt continued this telling stories of his outreaches in foreign countries. He went to a missions school. There they were telling them about countries that are absolutely closed for the gospel. Impossible to get into these countries! The talk was very boring but at that point Bengt woke up and began to make notices. Years later he was able to get into those countries and he got the official allowance even during communist times to hold jesus festivals in the greatest stadiums of the land. Every cost paid by the government. The public Television was broadcasting the event live. It was packed and many received Jesus and were healed. The complete 1st floor of a hospital was completeley healed...

That mightily stirred my spirit and gave me an idea how my minitry could look like, inspired me to dream about countries where still something is "impossible"! Unfortunately I had to leave directly after this meeting cause I had to catch my train. During the trip I was thinking a lot about my experiences on this conference and I began to dream...

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