Friday, March 26, 2010

JFM: Preaching at the Jesus Freaks München

Last sunday I had the chance to preach again in our service in the bar Café Kosmos. My church the the Jesus Freaks München usually have our services there. We had a very groovy worship with free forms of new lyrics. Was good to be before God.

I was very excited cause I kicked one part of the sermon shortly before. I wanted to have more time for the rest and especially for a exercise. There were certain impressions at the beginning of the year that God wants to give us as a church certain treasures. So we had different sermons about these treasures.

I mostly asked the question what price are we willing to pay to get the treasure, what am I willing to give up for it? Reading novels like Treasure Island or The Hobbit the heroes were at first totally normal people with mediocre lifes. But when they went to get the treasure their lives were totally changed. They were in life danger, had to pass many adventures and dangers. They treasure was not just awaiting them. No, there were others wanting it also. For example there was a jealous dragon who was very dangerous and guarding it. But they also found out that there was a great portion of luck with them and that they were able to master all dangers.

So I challenged my audience to think about what price they were willing to pay. Do they exspect God to give them something really great and wonderful?

Then I talked about the Holy Spirit and his gifts. We need the power of the Holy Ghost to be able to overcome the challenges of the daily life. God has given us the gifts of the spirit as powerful tools. I challenged the people to exspect God to talk to them in their daily life, that He will give them important impressions. I told them some examples and then we made this exercise.

They should meet in pairs, shortly listen if God would say something to them for the other. Then speak it out and pray. Many took part in it with great results.

Really a nice service!

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