Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Piano

A video I found today that moves me very much

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Wow: Mongolian Ping Pong

Today I want to post something special. I recently bought me a DVD of a movie I am really excited about: Mongolian Ping Pong. On the one hand it's a totally untypical film for me, no action movie and no sci-fi... A rather long-winded film that has not really a plot.

But this movie is fascinating me totally, the pictures of the landscape are awesome and by the way you learn something about the simple lifestyle of the nomads in mongolia. It's a movie with much humor and charme, it's enchanting you.

About a year ago I had been for a short trip to mongolia. This movie shows me that mongolia is somehow special for me, like I've been fallen in love with this country, the wonderful people, their special clothes (but there are also some things that deter me, that are disgusting for me). I dunno. The movie is absolutely recommendable. something to dream about...!

Alas, you want to hear something about the story? A small boy someday finds a pingpong ball in the river while getting water. He is totally fascinated by it and takes it with him. No one can tell him what this thing is. His Grandma tells him this might be an illuminated ball that brings luck to the finder. He and his friends begin trying to find out the mystery of the ball... until finally there is an unexpected solution at the end of the movie :)

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