Thursday, October 25, 2007

Satisfied with so little?

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I got the iadea for this drawing on the fair in Manchester. I spoke to a woman who told me about a lot of angels who were a responsible for a lot of things. But she would not speak to God cause he would be so busy... tsts.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2nd take: Mind Body Spirit Manchester

After I got surprisingly the chance to minister in September at the Esoterikmesse in Berlin I was able to have my 2nd experience last weekend on an similar event.

I've been praying for years now for a door to get into the esoteric fair in Munich to bring the guys there the light of Jesus. In January Stefan Driess asked me if I would like to help him out in October on the fair in Manchester. And now it was finally there...

Difficulties in the beginning
Praying about it it soon was clear to me that I should be there. When it was time to book the flight it was difficult for me with no money on my bank account. I was happy that a friend of mine offered me his airmiles. There were some difficulties too. But finally the flight was booked.
The night before I had to leave I got terrible diarrhea once again. Because of this I was only able to reach the urban train after the one I attende to get. The train was many minutes late due to the strike and an operation of an emergency doctor. So I was unable to check in because the flight already was closed.

I tried to exchange the flight at the tickets desk. It was impossible as it was a premium flight. After some see saw they recommended me to try a last-minute flight. Not really a possibility with no money available. I saw myself going back home. But I didn't want to give in cause I knew that God wanted me to be there.

I looked again at the display panel and there I saw that the flight was about half an hour late. I took all my courage and tried again at the desk if there was somehow a chance to get on board this plane after all. Finally I had the chance to check in regularly. The plane was leaving 1½ hours late because there was fog in Manchester.

Staying with family Driess
It was very cool to stay at the home of Stefan's family in a beautiful typical english house. On Friday a married couple of Northern Ireland joined us and stayed with us. It was nice to see how Stefan is living and to see him together with his children. I enjoyed the talks and the being together. Thursday evening we had a wonderful prayer meeting with some people from Manchester who would be with us.

Our Stand
The fair Mind Body Spirit was taking place in a great hall
right next to a futuristic Hilton hotel. Stefan told me that he was late booking the stand so it might be not so good as the years before. But the location in the right corner in the back proofed to be a real gift. Beginning with the divine number 7 of our stand, then that we got an extra meter because the stand right next to us was empty and finally that there was lots of room in front of our stand that we were able to use without bothering someone. The only problem was that the platform was near and that it was very loud from time to time.

We had covered our stand with purple cloths and put on some pictures. Especially the picture with an angel drew a lot of attention. We offered prophetic prayer and prayers for healing. It was so exciting what was going on. Most of them were so touched that they got tears in their eyes.

Our team was very small and then there always were different people serving and within different numbers. So sometimes it was difficult to have a break because often so many people were waiting to get prayer.

And so I was praying with different people together. That was pretty cool. But many times I reached my boundaries because soemtimes I had difficulties to understand the people because of their accent or just the words they said. And I often had difficulties to express what I wanted to say or pray. But overall it was great great fun!

Some experiences
Many people we talked to had a church background. The good thing with that was that they trusted us beforehand as the title on the stand was Healing like Jesus. It was very attractive too that we offered our services free of charge (on the fair there was a separated area where people had to pay extra 25£ to be told the fortune by cards) . Many guys tolds us that they were literally drawn to our stand. Some mentioned that they would never have gone to such an event like this but have only come because of us.

  • A very lonely young man came on Friday to receive prayer. I got a picture for him that Jesus would walk right next to him like a lion to protect him. He came back again on Sunday evening 10min before the closing of the festival and asked me if we could pray again for him. He told us that he once gave his life to Jesus but that did not satisfy him. So he was searching and searching but did not find fulfilment. He went from event to event and had been to every esoteric fair. But he figured out that there was nothing new and all would be the same and would not satisfy. The short prayer that we were able to pray for him seemed to give him peace again...

  • A young lady with a church background was afraid of her pregnancy and the birth date. When we prayed for her she was so touched that she burst into tears.

  • I was sitting in the other corner of our stand when our people prayed for a young family. With them was their young girl in the baby carriage. While they were praying for them (I had no idea what it was all about) I got an impression for the little girl. All around the girl I saw special - special - special so as if she was totally surrounded by it. It was like this would be a constant companion in her whole life that she was special. Now there would be two ways how to handle this: The parents could complain "Why is she so diffetent than the other children? Why can't she be like them?" oder they could see it as an award and support her daughter that she would not try to be like others. For me it was just a simple impression. But when I was able to say it to them the mother's eyes were filled with tears.
    Afterwards I found that the others prayed for her because she had a post native trauma and by that got depressions. Now she was pregnant with the second child and was afraid that it would happen again to her a second time.

  • On the next day the mother of the young lady came to us. She was in a wheelchair because she could not walk a long distance with her legs. Her daughter was always speaking about what happened and she was totally changed so that she had to see it for herself. She always pointed out that she believed in Jesus and that she would never gone to such an event. Her grandfather had been German so it was very special for her to meet two Germans her (she had been the opinion that the spirit of her Grandfather brought her here *tsts).

    Stefan prayed for her and encouraged her to walk a longer distance than she would normally dare to go. She told us that she only was able to walk without problem from the one end of our stand to the other. So we walked with her a long distance finally she walked this without any help. To bring the heavy wheelchair home she sat in it again. She said that she had to be careful now not to fall back again in old habits because she got used to live with walkers. She was right that it is one thing to get healed and another to keep the healing. She brought her other daughter as well.

  • Some wanted to receive prayer to know how to carry on. It was quite clear that they were searching else they would not have come on such an event. As we prayed for a woman I saw a lot of traffic signs on a place. My impression was that God would not show her more signs but rather would take some away so that there would always be one for a moment or for every step. When she would have taken a step another traffic sign would appear.

  • We were praying for a young lady who had pain in her knee and in her arm. I sensed a power flowing but the pain did not disappear completely. As I prayed again for the arm I got the impression that the real problem would not be the pain but that she could not imagine that there was forgiveness for her. So I told her that there is forgiveness and that Jesus wanted to forgive her. She looked at me with great eyes!

  • Right next to our stand was a woman who selled her book (she called herself The Highland Seer or Goddess - in former times you might have called her a witch). She shared her stand with a musician who selled his cds. As we were building up our stand he greeted us friendly. I really liked him much and he totally reminded me of Eric Clayton from Saviour Machine. In the first night I got an impression for him: God had given him a double edged sharp sword. But it would be important to use it the right way. The next day I was too afraid to tell it to him. I kept trying the whole day but did not manage to do it. The following day I made a drawing of the sword and was finally able to give it to him. He was totally happy about it and gave my one of his cds for it. I thanked him and gave him a hug. In the night after the fair I received another impression for him. I think I will send him an email...

  • Stefan prayed for a lady that had problems with her back because soemthing seemed not to be at the right place. She had constant pain. As he was praying for her the woaman heard how it made CLICK in her back. She was healed and the pain was gone!

  • Another woman said: If only I had known this before. I paid 25£ to this fortune teller. What the guy told me was totally rubbish. And now I am here and everything is so accuarate and to the point. And on top of it it's free of charge!

  • A woman came especially from Liverpool because her friend had been so excitet that the things were so exactly.

  • There was a stand of a union who had been founded only a while ago. The leader heard a voice that told him: Found a union called Tribe of Light!. Everyone of them was wearing a t-shirt with I've joined the TRIBE on it. One of them must been to our stand and must have been deeply touched. On the second evening a group of about five came to us cause rumor must have come to them. They were all so touched that tears came to their eyes. The leader of the group was all tears. The next day he made sure that his whole troop came over to us. And so we had on the last day a whole bunch of people waiting all to get prayed for.
    The leader totally was astonished to hear that Jesus called himself Light of the world and that we as christians would be light as well. Stefan will make a special appointment with the leaders of this union to tell them how finding the true light: Jesus!

  • We were praying for an indian woman who believed in Jesus. Her husband died a few years ago. She was afraid to fall asleep because during the night she would see a dark figure standing at her band. We told her that she would have authority in Jesus over darkness. As we were praying for her I got a picture for her: Jesus was driving her in a Rolls Royce and she was sitting totally relaxed in the backrow. She really liked it. She said that she would hope that someday she could again driver on her own. Her driving license would be dead now. But Jesus is able to raise the dead. She brought her daughter with her and prayed for her too. She was not believing in Jesus but dreamt to be someday a writer. We told her that Jesus could make dreams come true. She was happy about it.

It was overwhelming to see what Jesus did amongst those hungry people. With some of the people we had the freedom to speak clearly about Jesus. About 10 people per day have prayed the prayer of commitment!

Again on this fair it was similiar what strange you could see there and what folks were willing to let do to themselvers. There were many people that were cool and precious to me. But again many burdened people. Some of them seemed to be full of demons.

Altogether it was pretty cool to have been there and to make some totally different experience. I get a growing heart for these people and I yearn even more to do something similar in Munich. First I thought we would begin only with a small stand. But I receive more and more ideas what we could do there: prophetic prayer, healing rooms, stands with pictures, live drawings... perhaps some music too.

Seemingly God is finally opening a door and it will begin. Jesus is so good.
All the glory to him!

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It's so easy: Esoteric fair in Berlin

I want to tell you about a very exciting weekend. In September I had been together with a team to an esoteric fair called Esoterikmesse in Berlin . In the beginning I was very unsecure und felt queasy. It was my first time in such a surrounding. I did not know if I could understand the people there and if I could address them in their language. Usually I'm very sensitive for the dark world.

But to my surprise it was very easy. At least at our place the atmosphere was very good (people sensed the atmosphere with us to be different). They were very open, were full of faith and it was eays to talk to them. I was overwhelmed to see so many precious and valuable persons. But the other thing was very shocking too: how many burdened people were walking there around. They were carrying very heavy stocks and many times we were not really able to help them.

Right at the entrance we had a room for ourselves. The fair was taking place in the Logenhaus (something like House of Lodges), a building of the Masons. Everywhere you could see their symbols. The whole thing was smaller than exspected. Once we walked praying through the place it was very intense to see what was there on exhibition, what folks were running after. But you couldn't blame them for that when they only know a boring, powerless and skin deep christianity.

Before the fair started we had breakfast as a team together with some leaders from Berlin. Daniel Hari introduced us in his ministry and told us what we have in common with the esoteric people. He told us about his longtime ministry and some healing experiences.

Mystics would yearn for power and the supernatural. If we as Christians wanted to have access to their hearts we had to reach them with firm convictions. It would be absolutely biblical correct to call ourselves Healer. They would have no problem if we would say that Jesus is the greatest healer of all times. Again and again Daniel told us that we are not allowed to promise a healing but that we could give legitimate hope. Daniel is dreaming of a network of healing rooms, doctors who would certify the healings and journalists who would bring the healings to public generating media attraction.

Our stand had different parts: there was the Johanneshilfswerks an association that help street kids. Then there was the possibility to get prophetic prayer. Two-party teams have prayed free of charge (a great exception on the fair) for people and listened to what God would tell those people. And last but not least there was the stand of Daniel Hari. There he selled his books Healing like Jesus and Love like Jesus. We had a few rows of chairs there.

Healing demonstrations
Here we had every once and a while healing demsonstrations. Daniel or someone else from our team gave a short introduction that Jesus would heal this very day. And then came the practical part. Everyone who had pain or a sickness should lay one hand on the effected part and the other he should reach to the sky as a sign to express the will to receive from God. Most of them received their healing surprisingly quick. The pain often disappeared after only a few seconds. They were asked to watch over how their healing would progress afterwards and then a doctor should confirm the healing. Then they were challenged to impart what they had received and to pray in the name of Jesus for the other sick people that were present.

One story especially touched me. There was a young man who constantly had a croaky voice because of a mistake during an operation. He received prayer for healing. At once there was a audible advancement. And even though he had not been healed completely he was all excited. He was all smiles and thanked Daniel Hari many times...

Right at the beginning two ladies were healed. They were so happy that they dropped in over and over again. They were present at the evenings of healing too. There soemhow developed a relationship to them.

Unfortunately our team had not been that big. So we were only two for intercession. Luckily a local church called Leuchtturmgemeinde (Beacon Church) was praying all the time parallel for us. Some of them were part of our team. I got to know my prayer partner last year in Mongolia and saw him again on the youth event STREAM 07 this year. I was very happy to have him as my prayer partner. I really enjoyed praying with him and to cover our outreach in prayer.

Prophetic Prayer
Luckily we had the chance to take part in the prophetic prayer. Really crazy what happened there. The impressions we got really touched the people.

An elderly guy was deeply touched by the love of God. First he fought against the tears. But after we had encouraged him that tears would not be a sign of weakness he let them go. He really melted away! We rather had finished our prayer when he told us that he had prostrate problems with suspicion of cancer. During our prayer he sensed a power that went from his feet to his pelvic. First I wanted to offer him prayer for healing but then I realised that the healing already had begun. We encouragede him to come to the evening of healing that night. Not to be prayed for but to strengthen his faith and to hear other reports of healing.

Once I went for a go with my prayer partner because I wanted to pray for certain people god somehow highlighted for me. Strangely enough we prayed for none of them. But we met an elderly woman instead of them. She had been before to one of our healing demonstrations. I already had there the impression to tell her that she really was precious and valuably. She could not accept it. Then we talked for a while. Forgivenesss was very hard for her. The word God immediately caused a wall to rise before her. We offered to pray for her helping her to make a step towards forgiveness. It was impossible because she only told us negative stories. I gently interrupted her and refered to her telling us that she already had forgiven her mother and that she got rid of alcohol on her own. I tried to explain her that she already had managed to overcome things and that there was hope that she could be able to do it with other things as well. Unfortunately we had to end our conversation because she wanted to attend a speech: Loving like Jesus that one of our staff was holding.

A few of our staff members were holding lectures that were in the course of the fair. The lecture of Daniel Hari Healing like Jesus was a special lecture that was printed on the posters of the fair. I was only able to attend this lecture. About 100 visitors listened full of enthusiasm to the speech. I was surprised at the great belief of the participants and how they took everything for granted that was said. When we prayed for healing there were always 3 questions: "Do you believe that God can heal?" "Do you believe that God wants to heal?" "Do you believe that God wants to heal you right now?". And many answered all 3 questions without batting an eye saying YES.

Evening of healing
Every evening we had healing services in a nearby church. Already at our preprayer times the presence of God was always very strong. We began the evenings with worship that always was frolic. We had great joy and danced wildly.

Sigrun Czech, who's part of the Leuchtturmgemeinde, led the worship. She has published some meditation cds arranged for the esoteric people. She has called her music christcentered meditation and it is very anointed. Alone in the instrumental music you can sense the intense presence of god. During the day we had her music playing in the background. The holder of the stand nearby came again and again and complained: The music would be really nice but the vibrations would have an negative impact on his stand. He was a spiritual healer and working with soundbowls. The vibrations would distract his customers and they were not able to concentrate. Well why? :)

After worship every time Daniel Hari gave a short introduction and after that it immediately was again about healing. And here again people were healed spontanously. The craziest thing was the story with the mobiles. The visitors were asked to phone someone at home who was sick and could not come. And then they would hold their mobiles to the speakers and Daniel Hari prayed for them. On the next day someone was there who had been healed by this. The day before he had such an cold that he had to lay down in bed and could not come. It was so exciting to see how the people joined in and introduced their own ideas. They are really fantastic those esoteric people. I really have become a heart for them :).

In the end there always was a call to submit their lifes under the guidance of Jesus. Every evening about 20 People responded to this call. Wow - gorgeous!

Somehow the last evening was special to me so it was very unimpressive. Many times I have heard of meetings were the glory of god manifested in such a way that gold dust was visible. I never had seen it before, but now I have seen it with my own eyes! In the face of one lady there was clearly glittering gold dust! Very cool.

Our team consisted of different individual teams with different background. Somehow it was not very clear who really was in charge of the whole thing. So there were different conceptions and different ways of doing things and how we understood the ministry. So we had tensions and misunderstandings. Even though it disabled some things I believe it was good to happen. We were grinding each other and God had the chance to build and form our character.

Probably I could tell much more but it will be enough for the moment. It was really nice to be together with Keith, my prayer partner in Mongolia, and his folks. We spend the night in the same holiday flat. I shared the room with my prayer partner. As you could have imagined we talked far into the night. Just only ten minutes more... It was pretty cool.

I wanted to do such things for years now in Munich. I now want to do it even more. Who will join me?

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Klaus Bärbel: Powerhouse

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