Monday, October 27, 2008

Golden autumn

I always like autumn when the sun is shinig, the leaves are golden and rustling. This year in October we had many of these days. Wonderful! Once I received a mail with lots of questions to be answered to get to know each other. One of it was this: "Summer or winter?" My answer would have been: "Spring and autumn of course!"

We had some days when the morning was full of heavy wet fog though the day was full of wonderful sunshine. But many days were full of sunshine the whole day. I am full of thankfullness being able to deliver the mail in such a weather. In the afternoon I was even able to only have a T-Shirt on - and this in October. It's so nice to be able to be outdoors in the sunshine, to be in this wonderful autumn environment: to see the colorful leaves on the floor, to hear the rustling of the leaves, to see the leaves falling to the ground like rain. superb! What a wonderful atmosphere...

Somehow autumn has something cozy, dreamful... even romantic. It's the time to wrap into a warm cloth, to sit before the fireplace having a hot cup of a drink and reading a exciting book like "The Lord of the Rings" :)

Some quotes come to mind. I like the metaphor of autumn and the falling leaves in Peter Jacksons's adaption of "The Lord of the Rings". The time of the elves is over so they have to leave Middle Earth to move to the West to the Undying lands. When Aragorn finds the brooch of the elven leave he doesn't say something like: "Look, what do we have here....?" but this: "Not idly do the leaves of Lorien fall."

This song from Detritus reminds me of autumn too:

As it rains
I feel you gently as the wind blows,
See you as the grass grows,
Know you as it rains
I'm near you sitting in the moonlight,
You touch me when the sun´s bright,
No two hills the same,
I hear you softly as the bird sings,
You refresh me with the pure spring
You feed me with the land
I see you beauty in the flowers,
Your strength as it thunders,
your vastenss in the sand,

I see in autumn as the leaves fall,
I wonder as a child crawls,
In springtime the lambs,
I marvel in winter as the lake freeze,
In summer with the cool breeze,
All move with your hand,
I see your might as the wave breaks,
Fear you as the earth quakes,
Love you in the fields,
I bathe in your presence in the mountains,
Your beauty as it transcends,
Everything I feel,

Guardians fail,
Our ward is neglected, destroyed,
Love is denied,
Creations emotions are toyed,
Greed previals,
The money that blinds thoughtful eyes,
Progress they say,
A gradual worldwide suicide.

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Nice Evening in the flat sharing community

Last Thursday we had an evening together after a long time in my flat sharing community. Some of us had been away for a longer time, some new faces were there two and some old ones back again. So I was cooking my delicious Spaghetti and we were eating together and then we talked about some issues of our flat. Nice!

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