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Israel Prophetic School 2010

Last week I spent a week in Israel for a Prophetic School with Pierrot Fey from the church Die Taube (The Dove) in Heidelberg, Germany. There are some prophecies I have concerning Israel so I just went to get to know this country. Somehow I had the feeling that the fulfilling might be connected with Arni Klein. Unfortunately he was not there during the time I was in Israel. Now that I have been there I would have liked to stay longer. The rest of the group spent another week at Sea of Galilee.

The first week we stayed at the Dead Sea in a small village called Ein Bokek. There are only hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. Crazy! Our hotel was the Tulip Inn. A nice one, but a little shabby here and there (eggshells in the scrambled eggs;-) ). I would not have liked a noble one. I shared the room together with a French man who could speak German.

As I did not know anyone I was at first a little bit lonely. I used the time for long prayer walks alongside the only street. Soon I found my own Prayer tower build over a ruin.

We had services in the mornings and evenings. I exspected something totally different, so it was hard for me to accustom with the method of this school. I first always thought: When will we finally start? I longed to pray for people and to prophesy for them. And I myself was in great need of some words of direction from the Lord how to continue my life. All activities were in German/ French. The 100 participants came from Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria.

We started with intense worship times (here I was able again to draw some prophetic pictures). Then Pierrot came to the front having some words of knowledge, praying with us for certain things or doing a proclamation with us. Then preached about a theme God had laid him on his heart.

For example he talked about the importance to be close to the heart of God. That it could be that a "great" sinner could be closer to the heart of God than a selfrighteous "small" sinner. The sermon about the spirit of control that everyone of us seems to have. Everyone wants to live in a given frame, nobody likes to break out. Let the others do something new, I will not be the first to do so...

My Spirit was moved especially when he talked about that things can happen on a higher level.
So many times we try to help people with little results. Here we are trained. But there is a higher level were we can bind territorial powers and whole nations get saved instantly. He talked about the meaning of being a prophet for nations. That's exactly what I am about!

At another time he talked about the difference of sharing something I know or imparting a revelation of God. When this happens it is most likely that it happens in a way that does not fit with our German sense of order and it may catapult us out of our comfort zone :)

After the sermons there was again worship and the possibility to come in prayer before God and react on what was said. In these times I got intense times with God. I hardly never sensed so much acceptance and love. God said thank you to how I serve him. Hardly can describe it...

On the last morning service there was a powerful time after the sermon, much was moved in the spiritual realm.

In the afternoons some excursions were offered, but I never found out where they would go. Besides it was far too hot for me and sometimes I was very tired (there must be something in the air they use for making valium and that makes you feel very comfortable. Hmmm). Masada was close, I would have liked to see...

Instead of that I spent the time sleeping, swimming in the Pool of the hotel, bath in the Dead Sea or just hang around with people I got to know by now (everyday sunshine, sometimes 36° C - a totally contrast to icy temperatures and masses of snow in Munich (especially if you are a postman).

There were some people you only talked a few sentences (e.g. at the meals) and immidiately I was one with them in the spirit, were on the same wavelength, we understood each other.

On some days there was the possibility to do some prayer walks with the whole group. I left the first one out. There they would climb the nearest 400m high mountain in the greatest heat.

But I took part when they walked on a street into the Dead Sea. That really was beautiful. There was a great view of the village, the street had sometime bizarre salty formations and we could see the sun set behind the mountains. I had good talks, a wonderful worship and prayertime.

On the last day we went into a Wadi, a dry riverbed that may carry much water. Was kinda adventurous, cause you had to climb around the trickle (or you should have had shoes with whom you could walk inside the water. But I needed my shoes dry for the flight back the next day and for the cold Germany).
Above there was a basin where you might could have bathed. But it was not very big so I did not went in. Last year they baptised some people here. Yeah! Here we prayed and sang. Someone told us that he saw a Jew there who was standing there very awestruck while we did this.

On Wednesday we did a whole day trip to
Jerusalem. We arrived on Mount of Olives with a great view of the city. Got a short introduction.

We walked to the place where Jesus might have wept over Jerusalem. We read the scriptures there loudly.

Then we passed through the Garden of Gethsemane (notice the sign where weapons are not allowed in here). The garden was much smaller as I thought. Unfortunately there was not much time and we went on immidiately.

Then up the Via Dolorosa, the alley where Jesus carried the cross to Calvary. Later we separated the group cause it was too chaotic to hold together such a great group.

It was kinda strange to feel the situation of this city, to breath the air. All these different cultures and religions bumping into each other. Jerusalem has a special atmosphere. Unfortunately there was not really time to give in to all of this.
Everywhere people with guns and machine pistols, special security checks. Some T-shirts that were sold are quite informing too...

With a small group we went to the Wailing Wall, watched the Jews while they were praying.
I would have liked to have my own personal time right at the wall. But we had not much time also. We strolled through small alleyways and the bazaar

Finally we settled down in the Austrian Hospice to eat some delicious apple strudel. We had to wait very long till we were able to order our things and another long time to get it. But in the garden it was cozy and we were able to really relax. I have to come again to watch again unhurriedly.

Right at the swimming pool at the hotel there was a bar in the style of Bedouin's tent with seat cushions. Here you could ly down at the talbe like Jesus did with his discioples. Very comfy. With some of the people I have been here more often to just talk and drink something :) Good talks!
On last evening I went with some people in a restaurant to eat. It was very nice if not for some moments who were very strange.

The week passed far too quick, met some very nice people I want to stay in contact with. One of them is working in Munich so we can meet from time to time. Don't know how I will see my time there in hindsight. But right now I can't see any prophecies fulfilled I had concerning Israel. But who knows. It won't be my last trip there.

It's for sure that I would have liked to pray and prophesy more for people. At least I was able to do it here and there.

When we arrive in Frankfurt everywhere there were campbeds. Don't know if there was a connection to the strike of the pilots the next day.

I was staying again with my friends in Frankfurt. I enjoyed seeing the kids again, to talk with my friends. Before I went back on the train to Munich I joined the service of their church in Hanau. Did like it very much. Very prophetic worship with great anointing and a very inspiring serrmon.

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