Monday, March 01, 2010

Beauty in the deepest heart

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In Israel I was finally able to draw an impression I received years ago during a leadership training of the jesus freaks in Nuremberg. I was deeply touched by the picture. I was drawing it again and again and had given it to certain people who where touched themselves. Now I have drawn it again and colored it. Now I am glad that I am able to present it this way to you.

There is a place deep in our heart that is so deep that we ourselves are not able to reach there. We don't even want to look there. We are afraid of doing it cause we believe it to be ugly, dirty and nasty. We are ashamed of it and ask ourselves if God knows this place of pain.

In my impression I saw this place in the shape of a deep dark cave. There is only a tiny small cleft reaching the ground and sunlight. Light was not able to reach down to the bottom cause the cleft was so thin. Only when the sun would be on a special position in the sky it was possible that a sunbeam could fall down on the bottom. Like in those old cathedrals with a tiny whole in the wall. With the right position of the sun there (like on Midsummer's Night) would be a spotlight shining on a certain marked place on the floor.

And so this lightbeam of God reached to the deepest place of my heart being normall in utter darkness. But against all expectancy it was not ugly, dirty or even disgusting. No, a wonderful Rose was growing there!

God knows the deepest Place of your heart where it is hurting. There is beauty. So don't be afraid of this place!

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