Monday, November 02, 2009

Wickie Movie - a dream come true

This year one dream came true. One of my childhood heroes Wickie, my very first animated series, came to the big screen. This is a situation you won't understand today. At that time there were no DVDs, not even video. You could watch only three programs and until 4 p.m. there was only a so called test picture. So you might get an idea how I adored him, as children we played to be the Vikings of Wickie, my father made me a wooden boat for our playmobil figures that could really swim. Recently I took a picture when I was home at my parents...

I was very excited to see the movie, I couldn't wait till I finally could watch it with my own eyes. The first trailers, making ofs were very promising. My only worry was that director Bully Herbig would turn it into silly fuss that he is known for.

It is really a cool movie, all the great moments of the series are there, much love for detail was put into the characters and sets. Of course it is made for children so the story is very predictable. But it is much fun nevertheless. Though there are some silly bullylike jokes it is really good to watch and not boring.

I don't know why but I left the cinema missing something. My high exspectations were not so much satisfied. Perhaps it is becaues he was the hero of my childhood and some memories and feelings of then can never be brought back. I am now grown up and not anyone more a little boy with wide open mouth and eyes...

But after all a really great movie. Looking forward to have it on DVD!



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