Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Willow 2006 - Jesus Freaks Leadership meeting

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This year our leadership meeting called Willow Freak (all the leaders of every JF church or group come together at one place) was totally different than last year. Then I was very disappointed. I wondered what I had still in common with this movement. The worship times were too short for my opinion, the sermons did not concern me at all (except all the parts that came from the 24/7 guys).

This year was very different in great contrast. The worship times were intense and spirit filled. Especially one evening with an accoustic band called thinktwize. They were really in the flow of the Holy Spirit, the songs merged together into one. It was so intense that I couldn't sing any more because the presence of the Lord grew so immense. But everthing was topped by the way the jesus freaks reacted in worship. There is a speciality in it when Jesus Freaks worship I have not found any where else. I thought to myself: Here I do belong, that is my family, my jesus freaks!

Another worshiptime I want to mention: The morningpraise with the hardcore band Obadja. What a fire, what a passion. Here I realised how I am in love with Jesus (or perhaps better he with me?). My heart was beating heavily like a guy in love telling his beloved his love. Undescribable!

This time there were intense prayer times too. Especially the one where every group stood up and spread over the meeting place like they were located on a map. Then everyone could go to group and pray (and prophesy hehe). There were intense altar calls too, a lot was moved there. Wonderful that I could pray for several people :)

They made a change with the workshops. You could attend this year up to 6 (last years only 2). All I attended were very cool. Last year I had an impression from the lord that the freaks should be set free to go into the nations that we should be more orientated international. This year many different nations were at willow. So we had everything translated into English. There was a workshop of our mission called "WorldWidePizzaService" WWPS about how the Jesus Freaks could become more international. So I had to be there :) It's so nice to see it happen now with great steps!

I had some wonderful personal times with friends, a lot of impressions for people I did not know. The weather unfortunately was cold and rainy again (in a place were almost everything is outside).

There are still certain things that are critical in the movement, but Willow has showed that a lot is in moving in our movement. God showed me to be more content and patient. Some things happen almost by themselves :)

I am really happy to be part of this family and movement - especially for such a long time!
Jesus Freaks International!

For my english speaking friends over all the world

I have decided to start an english Blog so that all my friends who do not speak German can be informed about what I do - especially in the nations :)