Monday, August 18, 2008

Spontanous Service on the countryside

Yesterday some of our church members invited us to a spontaneous service at home to his family in Gauting, somewhere in the suburbs of Munich. That was very nice because during August we have no normal church services.

Though it was summer and vacation time there were some people there. It was nice to see them again, to talk and just be together. We had worship and a short input from Jörg. Then there was time to talk and pray... and to get excited by the children :)

In the end there was something to eat. Some meat with tomatoes, cucumbers and so on in pita bread. Delicious! We were sitting together in the garden and in the sun. Nice!

Really exciting that we have some children now - inspite of earlier days. Even more exciting how my attitude towards children changed. Years ago I don't liked children at all, even found them annoying - big time! Now I really like them, even be charmed by them. Don't know if I really would like to have some of my own now... But it is great how the Lord has changed me over the years! And that will continue of course...

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Reunion: Seventh Angel

MySpace can be good for some things. Today I found out that one of my favorite bands of old days^^ have reunited: Seventh Angel. I was even more excited to see that Simon Bibby and Mark Broomhead are among the members. They are part of Fire Fly/Exoria.

I was able to see the band 1992 on the Flevo Festival in the Netherlands for a short gig before the split shortly after. I liked the cover paintings of Rodney Matthews a lot.

Now you even can download a new song (The Turning Tide), some concerts are announced too.

MySpace Profile (the new Song)
Offizicial Site

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Freakstock 2008: Really great JESUS festival

Time to give you a report about what happened on Freakstock this year. I had a lot of reasons not to go there, so I really didn't like to go. Finally I decided to go because Martin Dreyer was preaching there for the first time after 11 years (I have prayed for that a lot during these long years). Martin was the founder of the Jesus Freaks in the early 90ies in Hamburg. I did not regret to have been there. It was for me the greatest festival since 1998 or so. There was a lot of fire, I think Jesus touched us as movement very deep, a lot of healing happened.

Most of the time it was very warm (and not too hot), we had only a short thunder storm. Even at night it was still warm. The last years it was very cold, wet and raining a lot. As there was no prayer team this year I was part of the festival newspaper now. I liked the job a lot. We had a great team. I had the chance to do an interview with Charles Bello who did some workshops and preached on the main seminar on Sunday. You can download the interview here:
Interview with Charles Bello 2,7 MB

After the concerts on the main stage were finished there was Nightpraise every evening. I enjoyed it a lot. It were always great times there. Although I heard in the background some bands I really liked I preferred to stay in the worship. There were Zoe from Berlin and Golden Gate, a project only for this festival with members from Munich. On one occasion Shane Claiborn was preaching there very challenging.

Also they splitted the main seminar in many services on different stages I think most of the people went to the ones at the main stage. I really liked the one with Storch who preached about Jesus as the healer. It was full of power and passion.

On Saturday finally the day was there when Martin was preaching there for the first time after long years. It was my birthday too! The night before I had an interesting talk with Paul Strait. We talked about expectancy, where our heart was and about letting go. Paul realized that he was more concerned about certain people in the movement, more about the Jesus Freaks than about Jesus. He found out that he had to let go, give the movement back in the hands of God, let go of his ideas. He said that he believes that I had to do it too... So I gave it all to God. And something happened. It was like a stone felt from my heart. And the whole view of the festival changed. Suddenly I was able to rejoice about the small and big things that happened there... the things that were not so good were not so important any more.

And now there was the main seminar with Martin. The worship with Obadja from Berlin was great... full of passion and fire as usual. During that time I was able to pray with some people backstage like in the old days. And then Martin was preaching. He talked enthusiastically about Jesus. But also he mentioned some alarming things that could separate us from him. After that we went into a passionate prayertime where we were cutting these things off and allowed Jesus to touch us, gave him again our hearts and refocused on him. During that time I went to pray for the people that God layed on my heart. These prayers were very special. I can hardly describe - more than just annoited - kaboom ba!
Then we joined again into praise. The whole crowd was full of passion and excitement. Unbelievable. Luckily there was enough freedom and time. A real miracle for me (the years before there was only limited time because of the concerts afterwards - that annoyed me a lot). I believe it was a real breakthrough. A lot of healing was flowing into our movement, a door was openend that was locked for a long time that could not be closed again so easily. I was so excited that I had to have some time for myself afterwards to celebrate with Jesus what happened!

During the whole festival I had a lot of talks with many people. That was really great. I like talking to people. Some of them were very special. Especially with someone from my church I liked to talk for months and never was able to. So we talked till 3 o'clock in the morning though I had to get up early.

The main seminar on Saturday with Martin had been far more than I exspected. But the closing service on Sunday somehow was greater. Jesusburger from Hamburg were leading worship. I like them a lot. Great music and prophetic worship! Debora summarized some prophetic words for the festival. One was about restoring the women and their ministry. She talked a lot about roses. So again I was reminded about an impression I had years before on some leadership training. In brief it was about that God sees the pain in my deepest heart. During the days I again and again recognised a young girl I thought I had to tell her this impresion. Now I was drawing this picture and going to finally tell her...

All the people then had the Lord's supper together. Great. Nobby was singing the words of institution like in the Lutheran Church (I was raised in). I am always happy when someone does it that way. During the time were the sacrament was administered the band was playing prophetically. Kristian was singing over the people. A really sacred moment! I always had: "There is life in the blood... resurrection life!" Then I prayed for some people. Very powerful!

Finally I saw the young woman. Instantly I went to her and told her my impression and gave her the picture. She had tears in her eyes and embraced me. As I was talking to her exactly the same thing happened prophetically in the worship. A real kairos moment!

In the sermon Charles Bello said that our way with Jesus would have two journeys. The one into the darkness of our own heart (the impression for the girl!) and the other into the darkness of the world around us. To these places Jesus wants to bring healing and light. Later Brian Blunt (one of his team) took over and led us into how the light of Jesus could come powerful into this world. He talked about revival, healing and power. How to break through, continue even though there seems to be no success.

I don't know if it was laughing in the spirit but suddenly Claudi, the translator, couldn't stop laughing. So Brian quit his sermon and led us into the presence of God where we just enjoyed and drunk from Jesus. After that he demonstrated how to pray for the sick. He challenged us to bring healing to the streets of Germany so that the prophesied revival could finally come.
Some people were really healed during this time, a lot happened. Someone who could not smell all of her life suddenly could smell! She was totally excited and tried to find some thrilling smells (the dixi toilets!). I had the impression to pray for someone. That was very special, full of fire! I was totally thrilled. That was far more than usual!!! Again there was so much room for Jesus to have his way, to move in power. Great!

I have recorded the sermon of this day. As it is in English (with German translation of course) it might be interesting for you
Sunday, August 3 - Sermon Charles Bello/ Brian Blunt 14,5 MB

A really great Jesus festival. I am excited what I will hear from this festival from others. Let's see what's going on with the Jesus Freaks and the whole movement.

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