Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I was only dreaming...

It is exciting what can happen during night times. Recently there was a night full of events. I had many impressions and dreams. Before I went to bed this night I had an intense prayer time. One of these things was a story I will post here. for me it's not just only a dream but a story the Lord gave me. It least it deeply touched me personally. I will post it as precisely as I received it

The fighting turmoil stopped for a moment. Nobody knew why. Heavy clouds were laying over the battlefield. So it was almost impossible for a sunbeam to come through. The air was thick with the scent of death and blood. The fronts remained motionless.

Suddenly there was a vibration in the distance. A rumbling rolled from the horizon. The ground was shaken as heavy steps neared the frontline. An alley formed inside the array. Hard men made way without grumbling, heavy fighting machines went whimmering to the ground, heroes of war burst into tears. Slowly the reason for all this turbulence was visible:

A small blond boy with diapers was carrying a long black lance. At its top there was a triangular banner... "They will look on me, the one they have pierced" - "This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths" - "For to us a child is born, to us a son is given"

As the boy reached the frontline he rammed the lance into the ground so the banner was now visible for everyone. On the banner you could read only one word in great capital letters:


Had the atmosphere been tense before it now got quiet as church mice. Nobody moved.

All of a sudden a ferocious warrior with an impressing armour of a general stepped forth. On his head was a crown helmet that was pressed deep into his forehead, in his hand he got a sword. Now he took off the helmet and layed it and the sword down before the banner. On sword and helmet it was engraved "WAR". Suddenly you could see that the helmet left bloody bruises cause it was pressed so deeped into the forehead. The whole head was deformed and with this the thinking of the general...

In the meantime a puddle of blood had formed on the place where helmet and sword had benn laid so that both objects had completely disappeared. The boy disappeared too. At his place was standing now a lamb that was bleeding out of his side. The black lance caused the wound...

Something unexpected happened now. First it was imperceptible than it became more and more distinct. The warriors formed without anyone saying anything. They arranged in a long row to lay their hand onto the lamb being covered by the blood of the lamb that came out of its wound.

Both armies intergrated into the line so finally no one could recognise any more who belonged to which side. The line was many miles long and reached to the horizon. Always two were standing side by side. Nobody recognised as the time went by cause the whole scenery was filled with such a peace...

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