Monday, March 23, 2009

Stefan Driess in Munich

Recently we had the chance to have Stefan Driess two times with us. He is a German guy but lives with his English wife and his two wonderful children in Manchester. I think you can call him a prophet. The Father heart of god, healing, of course the prophetic are the main issues that are on his heart. He had been twice before in our church but after that it was very hard to get a date with him.

In December met in the Clang Studios, a studio some people of our church are running. First the worship was quite nice. But Stefan challenged us to stand up and pray a while in tongues. After a while of intense worship there really was a breakthrough. Now we were in a flow and there was power.

Then Stefan shared what was on his heart. He focused on the things he believes God had in store for us in 2009. It was mainly about this: We will taste more of the Glory of God, we will rejoice in the things that God wants to give us. But it is important to get rid of the traps of sin. Cause when the Glory comes the things that are inside of us will show up too...

Stefan again had also some Words for me what confirmed the things I heard from God before: It is good to work for the Deutsche Post, my influence is far greater than I realize.

Then in January Stefan was again in Munich. In the morning he spoke for the first time in the service of the local Vineyard. The sermon was very similar to what he told us in December. Some of the prophetic words he had for different people were quite moving. Especially for one lady, there came power with it. Some of the church began to weep, others had tears in their eyes. I believe that was really some deliverance for the woman.

In the afternoon we had Stefan in our meeting in the Café Kosmos. The whole room really was packed. There was no place where no one was standing or sitting. I was leading the service.
The worship was quite cool. Then Stefan talked full of love about the father heart of God and how our image of God would look like. One thing touched me deeply. He told us about his daughter Grace who liked to jump from the kitchen table into his arms. He requested from her to look into his eyes before she would jump that he would be ready to catch her. But one time she slipped out of his hands and really hit the ground hardly. As a loving father it hurt him even more than her. He feared that he had lost her trust and she would never want to jump again. But without hesitating she climbed again onto the table to jump at once again. She really trusted her Dad to love her and never letting her fall...

He made a short call who was willing to give his life to Jesus and asked everyone of us to pray with him a prayer of Surrender... And then he continued with his prophetic impressions. I believe he got the right ones :)
For the barkeepers he had some nice ones. It was really cool what the people received, how the were able to experience the love of god. Some tears were flowing, some were deeply touched.

Really nice. More!

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What grace is given to me

On my German Blog I have a series called What grace is given to me (Referring to a quote out of the first LOTR movie). Life isn't always easy, at least the circumstances try to say this to you. So it is good to remember what God has done and what wonderful things happened. Time to say THANKS. To stand in awe what grace is given to me...

  • Gift of Thankfulness: First of all I am so amazed about the gift of knowing the power of thanfulness. There are so many people who have everything they need and all they do is complaining! They have no clue for what they can be thankful. How precious is it when you are grateful! I am happy to know about the secret. You do not only see what good happens to you it does even lift you up!
    "He who sacrifices thank- offerings honours me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God " Psalm 50:23
  • Jesus in my Life: I am so glad that Jesus is in my Life. Years ago I haven't been so happy about it. Cause I never made an "Amacing Grace" experience, how Jesus deleivered me from the traps of sin and lead me into wonderful freedom. But after a drastic experience some years ago I am so grateful that there is no day I can remember that I did not know Jesus.
    It was always clear what my church would be - through all the good and bad years. I never had to search long for the right one, what is truth, is there truth at all, what religion is true, which church, shall I give my life to Jesus? No, that was always no question at all. Thank you Jesus! You are the best! I love you!
  • God's Speaking: It is always wonderful to hear God speaking. I am glad if I can help and encourage others through prophetic words. But it's nice to when God speaks clearly to me and helps me along the way.
    I heard God saying that I should keep working at the Deutsche Post as long as He tells me. I was not sure if I heard him rightly. Because I did not like the idea so much to stay there. But after I had talked and prayed with some people, some preachings and finally through a personal prophecy by Stefan Driess I now clearly know that I am at the right place there. It is nice that such words are not totally new but confirm things I already received from the Lord. Now I clearly know and can invest me there with all my heart.
    It is nice to have a feeling what God wants from me and what not. There is a situation, a short prayer and then comes a direct answer. Often it is in direct conflict with what my feelings would tell me to do. But it is good :)
  • Divine Appointments: I am amazed how God grants me precious friendships. I meet some new people getting to know them. And I sense here is something special, something we share though we do not know each other. and the other person feels the same. Some of this friends are far away, we rarely see us and talk to each other. But when we meet it is very special because you do understand each other without many words. I am excited how this relationships will develop.
  • A special gift: Some days after Christmas I met with an old friend who was just travelling by. We absolutely should meet cause he would have a gift for me. He said that I would not want to wait for it if we were not able to meet... But what could this possibly be?
    We had 10 minutes after he arrived with his wife at the Central station heading to the airport. He handed over to me a big box. Unpacking it I found a brandnew cell phone! Really nice, cool design and with extra functions (I never had that before): MP3 Player, photo function and other gadgets. Pretty cool, big time better than the one I had before. That has been a gift too!

  • My Church: I am glad about my church, the Jesus Freaks München. Of course not everything is good, there are some things I don't like. But we have really cool people there, some good friends, some of our services are really cool. I feel God and he touches me deeply. God is close as I never have experienced him before. There is a quality in it I did not have before although I sensed God and experienced Him in many great ways.

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When you're down

I want to introduce you to a band I very much liked on the Rock on the Rock festival in Italy. Now the slightly changed their name and have uploaded some new songs on their MySpace profile. I do like this song the most, the lyrics touch me deeply.

It's for all of you out there who are experiencing hard times and the world seems to be collapsing. This one's for you...

Call Your Name
The door is shut, the room is looking small
I’m sitting in a haze
Things are hard
My vision’s getting marred
Hope is feeling far
Wars rage on, there’s fear tonight
No guns or bombs can win this fight
It’s deep within my troubled mind
A way out would be nice to find

When I’m lost I call your name
When I’m lonely, call your name

Fear fades away like a falling star
When I turn my eyes to you

How many times I’ve tried to win this fight
Yet fallen on my face
Must lift my eyes to where my help comes from
It’s closer than I know

When I’m lost I call your name
When I’m lonely, call your name

Fear fades away like a falling star
When I turn my eyes to you
Peace falls like rain
All I need is you
I call your name
And there’s breakthrough (repeat)

Link: MySpace Profile with the Songs

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