Friday, June 04, 2010

Wonderful Wedding near Dresden

During the pentecost weekend I was together with my flatmates at the wedding of my good friend and former flatmate Micha. I experienced together with him a lot of cool things, shared joy and pain.

We arrived already on Friday to help building up. A small group already was there and it was a lot of fun taking care of the last preparations. In the evening we were sitting together eating hot dogs. In the background a gorgeous sunset.

We were able to sleep in the house of Micha's parents and had a great time with the other helpers.

I took the oppurtunity to buy a new suit. Here you can see a few pictures of it.

For the service we were asked to line the way to the church. And so people were standing in front of the church building waiting for the bridal couple. We had wonderful weather (thankyou Jesus!)

A bunch of beautiful and nice folks :)

How cool they arrived in a Trabbi (an old car of the former GDR) and the looked wonderful coming up the hill.

Great service in this small church. Great worship, moved me, great sermon.

Afterwards congratulations and sparkling wine reception. I handed over the selfdesigned gift coupon for a dinner for two in our flat sharing community.

Convoy from Kleinröhrsdorf (service) to Bretnig where we celebratetd.

The location was wonderful and decorated nicely. Coffee and cake were very cool. I had nice talks with old friends I had not seen for a long time. And I got to know some cool new friends.

After coffeetime it was time for the group photo and someone from Peru took the chance to do one of his Recréacions. People in action!

Then we had a lot of time to talk, walk and play in the playground :)
The evening program was nice. A cool mixture and not too much. Supper was nice but not really enough.

We from our flat sharing community took a quiz. The bridal couple had to guess the typical things of every flat mate.

At the next morning we were having all breakfast together (would have been a nice picture to post as the only photo of the wedding ceremonies)

I was able to go back together with the family of a former flat mate who took me directly to Munich. We had a good time in the car. Great!

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